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OCaml Distributed Data Processing

A distributed data processing system developed in OCaml


How to express arbitrary DAG? How to express loop? Apply function.

Interface to Irmin or HDFS to provide persistent storage

Test delay-bounded and error-bounded barrier

Split Context module into server and client two modules

Implement parameter.mli

Implement barrier control in parameter modules

Rename ... DataContext and ModelContext?

Implement Coordinate Descent in model parallel ...

Enhance Mapreduce engine, incorporate with owl.

Add techreport based on the barrier control.

How to compile & run it?

To compile and build the system, you do not have to install all the software yourself. You can simply pull a ready-made container to set up development environment.

docker pull ryanrhymes/actor

Then you can start the container by

docker run -t -i ryanrhymes/actor:latest /bin/bash

After the container starts, go to the home director, clone the git repository.

git clone https://github.com/ryanrhymes/actor.git

Then you can compile and build the system.

make oasis && make
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