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OpenTech summit 2015 app based on FOSSASIA companion-android

Advanced native Android schedule browser application for the FOSSASIA conference in Singapore.

This is build upon the FOSDEM Companion For android. It uses loaders and fragments extensively and is backward compatible up to Android 2.1 thanks to the support library.

To get more information and install the app, look at the Google Play Store page.

How to build

All dependencies are defined in app/build.gradle. Import the project in Android Studio or use Gradle in command line:

./gradlew assembleRelease

The result apk file will be placed in app/build/outputs/apk/.

####Build status Build Status

Pending Task

  • Download schedule in a background thread
  • Notification for Bookmarked Events/Talks
  • Integrate Google+ login or any other mechanism to fetch user email address TBD
  • Integrate Google Maps


Apache License, Version 2.0

Used libraries


  • Christophe Beyls
  • Abhishek Batra
  • Manan Wason
  • Pratik Todi
  • Mario Behling
  • Tymon Radzik
  • Arnav Gupta
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