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A NoSql database and continuous map-reduce system written in Scala and Akka.

Project README

OStore (Ordered-Store) is a new software system for storing and processing big data.

OStore Distinguishing Characteristics

  1. At its core is a NoSQL database.
  2. It is written in Scala and makes extensive use of Akka actors.
  3. Keys are stored in sorted order rather than hashed.
  4. It supports continuous incremental map-reduce.

Current State

OStore is curently in the early stages of development and not suitable for production use. Parts of the code are still very rough. It contains bugs and is missing lots of features. APIs will probably change in non-upward compatible ways. Error detection and recovery is partially missing. The overall system has not been fully tuned for performance.


The OStore code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


  1. Wiki
  2. ScalaDoc


You can use the github issues feature to report bugs or ask questions.

If you are interested in doing serious testing of OStore or contributing to OStore as a developer, please send email to

[email protected]

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