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Orwell is a RAT and Botnet designed as a trio of programs by Landon Powell.

Project README

Orwell - Cross Platform Botnet and RAT package.

Orwell is a RAT and Botnet designed as a trio of programs. The bigbro.py, which is ran on a remote server and used to give commands and information to proles; the innerPart.py, used to send commands to BB that are given to the proles; and prole.py, used as the zombie client. Prole.py currently supports Unix-Like OSes (MacOS and Linux) and Windows.

A quick tutorial on the use of Orwell -

  • Run bigbro.py on a server of your choice, and forward the port '1984'.
  • The bigbro.py file will ask for a password. Set and remember a secure one.
  • Change the bigBro variable on line 9 of prole.py to bigbro.py's IP.
  • Compile prole.py for the OSes you're targeting using the resources below.
  • Run your compiled prole executable on zombie systems.
  • Run the innerParty.py file on your home computer. Consider a proxy or Torify.
  • The innerParty.py file will ask you for BB's IP and for BB's password.
  • Congrats, you're now running a full Orwell botnet.

Orwell commands -

  • shell - Run command line code on a prole.
  • log - Print a string to a prole's prompt.
  • kill - Shuts down a prole's system.
  • ~, s, or switch - Change who a command is sent to based upon an IP.
  • ?, l, or listen - Listen for emits for a given time, or even 'forever'.


You need these -

This is the work of Landon Powell, and is licensed under Creative Commons Zero. A non-professional and not-applicable-in-a-court-of-law summary of the license is effectively: do whatever you want with this.

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