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9 years ago

No more Beta or Alpha tag. You know what it means I guess ;).

Though there still has a problem with tethering. This one being really nasty, it will require more work. A lot more.

We will shortly push orWall on Google Play as well.


9 years ago

There were some small bugs when used on a smartphone.

Also added some new information/features in order to let the user know what's going on with his configuration.


9 years ago

This should be the last "alpha" for the new UI.

We added some translations, but French, German and Italian still need some work, especially regarding the wizard part. This one MAY change if we get feedback regarding its content.

Please feel free to fill new issue if you find some weird behavior, crash or bugs.


9 years ago

Would be great if people could give it a try.

There are most probably bugs. Some things are still missing, but it's essentialy hidden things, like old settings import to SQLite (pre-0.16).


9 years ago

This release solves the following issues:

  • #44 (enable SSH)
  • #37 (application crash with LAN enabled)

It also add a helper for tethering, though this function is still under investigations in order to get it working for good.


9 years ago

Added new languages, corrected some stuff regarding applications NAT

WARNING: this version (like the previous ones) breaks tethering for now.

This version should solve #29, and solves #24.


9 years ago

Should correct some issues, among them:

  • #24 (DNS problem with Firefox, it embeds its own resolver)
  • #29 (probably the same problem as previous issue)

It also uses new activity for internal checks, pushed some executions to the background in order to provide a smooth interface.

Main problem related to #24 and probably #29: Android started using Kernel resolver, while some apps are using some embedded one. A previous commit removed the per-application DNS redirect rules, using instead the global UID 0 requests as reference.

That said, the kernel based resolver will create tricky problems later… If all DNS queries are masked by UID 0, we will probably have hard time getting iptables rules correctly for i2p integration, not to mention application bypass and so on. Nasty move from Android, though logical in the end: it allows to use local DNS cache.


9 years ago
  • Moved NAT stuff to SQLite, in order to have a better way to add new features.
  • Data are moved from SharedPreferences to the SQLite database
  • Removed "select all" menu entry as it won't be of any use with new features, and it's already more or less broken


9 years ago
  • Corrects iptables rules - they were a bit broken in 0.16, sorry for that.
  • Allow to apply rules in the background in order to provide a smoother UI

The major parti is for iptables rules, as init-script, initialization and "application rules" have been improved/corrected.


9 years ago

Security improvement following mail exchanges with Mike Perry.

Basically confine each app within its own iptables rules.

You will need to reboot after this update.