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Arduino Telemetry for the RC world


5 years ago

Support of Jeti protocol, BMP280, external ADC (ads1115)


5 years ago

Add support for IMU 6050, Hott telemetry, ...


6 years ago


7 years ago
  • Support Multiplex telemetry protocol
  • Possibility to force HUB or SPORT Frsky telemetry protocol (instead of automatic selection)
  • Possibility to set up a Sequencer (allows to control some output pins in predefined sequences based on voltage measurements and/or on a signal send by Tx on a servo channel)
  • Support BMP085/BMP180 baro sensor (instead of MS5611 sensor) (sensor ar cheaper but probably less accurate)
  • Possibility to calculate vertical speed based on the average of 2 MS5611 baro sensors instead of 1 sensor


7 years ago

OXS now supports:

  • the 2 Frsky (SPORT and HUB) protocols
  • a second baro sensor MS5611
  • an airspeed sensor

...and many other improvements.

See Readme file in the archive for details.


7 years ago

OXS first official release.