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V2Ray for OpenWrt

OpenWrt/LEDE 上可用的 V2Ray

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For luci-app-v2ray, please head to kuoruan/luci-app-v2ray

Install via OPKG

  1. Add new opkg key:
wget -O kuoruan-public.key
opkg-key add kuoruan-public.key
  1. Add opkg repository:
echo "src/gz kuoruan_packages$(. /etc/openwrt_release ; echo $DISTRIB_ARCH)" \
  >> /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf

Replace http:// with https:// if you like.

  1. Install package:
opkg update
opkg install v2ray-core

For minimal package:

opkg update
opkg install v2ray-core-mini
  1. Upgrade package:
opkg update
opkg upgrade v2ray-core

Manual Install

  • Download pre build ipk file from releases

  • Upload file to your router, install it with ssh command.

opkg install v2ray-core*.ipk


  • ca-certificates

Bin files will install in /usr/bin.

Custom build

  1. Use the latest OpenWrt SDK or with source code in master branch (requires golang modules support, commit openwrt/packages@7dc1f3e and later).

  2. Enter root directory of SDK, then download the Makefile:

git clone package/v2ray-core

For Chinese users, export GOPROXY= before build.

Start build:

./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

make menuconfig

Network ---> Project V ---> <*> v2ray-core

Network ---> Project V ---> <M> v2ray-core-mini

make package/v2ray-core/{clean,compile} V=s
  • You can custom the features in V2Ray Mini Configuration option.
  1. UPX Compress

If you want to build with UPX compress, the UPX package is required.

git clone -b master --depth 1 package/openwrt-upx


opkg remove v2ray-core # v2ray-core-mini
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