Openwisp Ipam Versions Save

IP address space administration module of OpenWISP


1 year ago


  • Added go to in subnet UI
  • Added support for django-reversion
  • Created default permissions for the default permission groups defined by OpenWISP Users
  • Added menu items
  • Added throttling of API requests
  • Implemented multi-tenancy in REST API


Backward incompatible changes

  • Changed API endpoints from /api/v1/* to /api/v1/ipam/* for consistency with the other openwisp modules


  • Dropped support for Python 3.6
  • Dropped support for Django 2.2
  • Added support for Django 3.2 and Django 4.0
  • Replaced xlrd with openpyxl
  • Bumped django-reversion~=4.0.1

Other changes

  • Allow shared subnets to have non shared child subnets
  • Switched to new navigation menu
  • Updated tests to use administrator for failing tests


  • Avoid shipping openwisp-users URLs in openwisp-ipam app
  • Fixed IndexError exception in REST API
  • Fixed extensibility issues with openwisp-users and added tests for this in the sample app
  • Fix overlapping shared/non-shared subnet validation
  • Excluded child subnets from overlapping validation
  • Added organization in import/export subnet
  • Validate organization membership when importing subnets
  • Ensure import/export subnet views check for user permissions
  • Fixed subnet /32 & /128 pie chart error
  • Fixed creation of subnet without name
  • Fixed API docs error


2 years ago


  • Added organization in list display, possibility to filter by organization, and other minor improvements
  • Added OpenAPI documentation (a.k.a. REST swagger) for the REST API
  • Added bearer token authentication to REST API


  • Allow subnets to be shared
  • Changed hosts API endpoint for consistency
  • Added trailing slash to endpoints for consistency


  • Fixed master subnet multitenant validation
  • Fixed master subnet multitenant validation
  • Fixed admin multitenancy issue in hierarchical view
  • Fixed integration tests with openwisp-users 0.4.1
  • Fixed wrong API URL for list_create_ip_address
  • Add MANIFEST to fix missing admin templates from python package


2 years ago
  • Updated dependencies (django 3.1, openwisp-users 0.4.0, openwisp-utils 0.6.0)


3 years ago
  • IPv4 and IPv6 IP address management
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Subnet management
  • Automatic free space display for all subnets
  • Visual display for a specific subnet
  • IP request module
  • REST API for CRUD operations and main features
  • Possibility to search for an IP or subnet
  • CSV Import and Export of subnets and their IPs
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Swappable models and extensible classes