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Utilities for DoubleClick Ad Exchange, including OpenRTB mapping, DoubleClick cryptography, metadata and validation

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Google DoubleClick Libraries

This library supports RTB development for DoubleClick Ad Exchange in Java. The doubleclick-core module includes DoubleClick's RTB model and associated facilities such as crypto and metadata. The second module, doubleclick-openrtb, provides client-side mapping between DoubleClick's model/protocol and OpenRTB, and validation support.

See our wiki to get started! Use the Github issue tracker for bugs, RFEs or any support. Check the changelog for detailed release notes.


You need: JDK 8, Maven 3.2, Protocol buffers (protoc) 3.5.1. Building is supported from the command line with Maven and from any IDE that can load Maven projects.

On Eclipse, the latest m2e is recommended but it can't run the code generation step, so you need to run a "mvn install" from the command line after checkout or after any mvn clean.

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