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OpenCMISS Demonstrations

The purpose of this effort is to document some of the OpenCMISS examples as demonstrations of some of the features available in the OpenCMISS platform. The actual examples often combine multiple aspects of several important features, and as such individual examples may be found under several of the top-level feature categories introduced below.

Runtime definition of mathematical models

OpenCMISS makes use of the CellML <>_ format to enable users to define computational fields in their model(s) to be defined based on mathematical models that are specified at the time at which a simulation is executed. Such fields may be used in many different applications and the demonstrations below highlight some of the current examples.

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cellml/README FiniteElasticity/HomogeneousPipeAxialExtension/README FluidMechanics/NavierStokes/Coupled1DCellML/Python/README Bioelectrics/Monodomain/Python/README glossary

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