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Full stack typesafe API-first development with OpenAPI.

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Full stack typesafe API-first development for REST.

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openapi-stack is a collection of open source libraries and tools for full stack software development using OpenAPI specification with an API Design First philosophy.

The goal is to unlock great developer experience and full stack type safety for software teams using REST; inspired by tools like GraphQL and tRPC.

Libraries part of openapi-stack:


  • 🚀 Battle-tested in production. High test coverage.
  • 🤝 Built with TypeScript, types included with full autocomplete support
  • 🥃 Framework agnostic – works with your stack
  • 🏎 Lightweight - small frontend bundle + optimized for serverless cold starts
  • 🧙‍♂️ No code generation – we only generate types
  • ❤️ OpenAPI 3.x support
  • 👀 Samples included

API First Cycle

API First Cycle

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