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Daily time-series epidemiology and hospitalization data for all countries, state/province data for 50+ countries and county/municipality data for CO, FR, NL, PH, UK and US. Covariates for all available regions include demographics, mobility reports, government interventions, weather and more.

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COVID-19 Open Data

Migration notice

This project is now part of Google Cloud, please use the new project URL for the latest code and documentation: We will no longer be updating or maintaining the code within this repository. All issues, comments, and requests should be filed through the new Google Cloud repository.

Data files

The data files will continue to be served at the same URLs, so no disruption is expected. If you find any problems with the data, please open an issue at the new project's location.


The output data files are published under the CC BY-SA license. All data is subject to the terms of agreement individual to each data source, refer to the sources of data table for more details. All other code and assets are published under the Apache License 2.0.

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