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An easy to manipulate development environment for using vagrant with puppet, docker and more!

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Oh-My-Vagrant: This is: Oh My Vagrant!

Oh My Vagrant!

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This project was always meant to be a useful tool for its author. Others found it helpful, and I was happy to share and help improve it. From my perspective, it's now mostly feature complete, and since I've been focusing most of my time on mgmt, there aren't any major planned changes coming. As a result please use, share and enjoy it, but development is going to be limited to what the community provides. We have other maintainers, so that I'm not a bottleneck on any patch reviews or merges! Happy hacking! -- purpleidea


Please see: DOCUMENTATION.md or PDF.


Come join us in #vagrant on Freenode!


Please read the INSTALL file for instructions on getting this installed.


Please look in the examples/ folder for usage. If none exist, please contribute one!

Module specific notes:


Note: If you are using VirtualBox as hypervisor, there is no need to depend on vagrant-libvirt.


We'd love to have your patch! Please send it by email, or as a pull request.

Happy hacking!

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