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OpenFrameworks port of the CAN_GenerativeTypography examples

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Generative Typography

OpenFrameworks Repository location: https://github.com/AmnonOwed/OF_GenerativeTypography

Processing Repository location: https://github.com/AmnonOwed/CAN_GenerativeTypography

This is an openFrameworks port of the CAN_GenerativeTypography examples, originally written in Processing. I am doing this port mainly for learning purposes, but of course I hope it may be of use to others as well. The list of examples shows the recommended order and also shows which examples have been ported so far.

In some cases, there is no openFrameworks equivalent (strikethrough). In some cases, there is a comparable alternative (strikethrough NewName). In some cases, an example is added specifically for openFrameworks (OF). Unfortunately the 3D examples are very hard to port, because openFrameworks lacks addons with the capabilities of the amazing Hemesh library. Feel free to send a pull request, if you have managed to recreate any of these! ;-)

Steps to run the examples:

  1. Download or clone the complete repository into the *of_release\apps* folder.
  2. Some examples require specific ofxAddons, which are mentioned after it's name in the list below.
  3. Use the openFrameworks projectGenerator to create a runnable project for your chosen IDE from the provided src files. Note: has to be repeated for each separate example.

The original blog post can be found here.

All code examples ported by Amnon Owed / @AmnonOwed with OpenFrameworks 0.8.4.

Special thanks to the helpful folks (drakko, jvcleave, hubris, arturo) at the OpenFrameworks forum! :)

Recommended order:

  1. Getting Started
  • DisplayText
  • AvailableFonts
  • CustomFont
  • UsingPGraphics UsingFbo
  • MultiSampling (OF)
  1. Image-Based
  • InsideOutsideText
  • GradientCutout
  • Waves
  • AggregateDrawing
  • AggregateParticles
  • FlowField
  • FlowFieldVariant
  • ReactionDiffusion
  1. PDF Export
  1. 3D
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