Observing Pre Commit Versions Save

Automatically installs a git pre-commit script in your git repository which runs your `npm test` on pre-commit


7 years ago

Ok, so as it turns out the --dry-run check was stupid. As it assume that sh is globally installed on the system which is clearly not the case in windows if you do a default installation. Correct the behaviour and fixed some small spawn bugs while I was at it.

Test suite now runs without issues on windows.


7 years ago

The latest release of pre-commit comes with load of fixes that are focused on improving the usage and developer experience of this module on Windows. We've done some internal refactoring that lays the ground work full windows support.

Our hook file now contains a --dry-run option which we execute during installation of this module to ensure that given bash file can be executed on your system. It does some simple checks like ensuring it can find the right node binary and see if script is actually executing. If these checks fail, which will most likely happen on all Windows systems that don't support bash.. The user will be presented with a small console message stating that the installation of the pre-commit hook failed allowing the installation to continue without any further issues.

The next batch of release will probably involve better and fully working windows support, we've already stated added CI integration for windows through appveyor to ensure that test suite will work and execute as intended on Windows.