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🤖 The world's easiest, most powerful stock checker

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The world's easiest, most powerful stock checker

To get started, visit jef.buzz/streetmerchant


First and foremost, this service will not automatically buy for you.

  • Checks stock continuously -- runs 24/7, 365, looking for the items you want.
  • Ready for checkout -- ability to add to cart when available and even opens the browser for you.
  • Notifications galore -- when you're not by your computer, worry free with notifications to most platforms and devices when an item comes in stock.

Quick start

streetmerchant runs on Node.js:

git clone https://github.com/jef/streetmerchant.git
cd streetmerchant && npm i && npm run start

For more information and customization, visit jef.buzz/streetmerchant/getting-started.

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