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Nvidia Speed Fan Control - Fan Curve

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Nvidia Speed Fan Control - Fan Curve (Unmaintained for now. GUI on the way.)

Run the command "sudo nvidia-xconfig --cool-bits 4"

How to install:

  • Download/clone the files
  • Move the script to a directory of your choosing
  • Edit the desktop file, and fill in the directory to the script (sh) file
  • Move the .desktop file to /usr/share/applications/

How to run:

  • Go to the directory of the script file
  • Go to properties -> Permissions of the file
  • Enable "Allow executing of the file"
  • Search for the file in your desktop environment tab/or search and run the application

How to run on start up:
You should have a tweak tool to enable it to run on startup


  • If you are running gtx 700 or newer series of graphics card, you will be able to set speeds to 0. Any older cards will cause the script to crash.
  • If you are running an older nvidia binary driver, and the script isn't setting the speed. Consider changing GPUTargetFanSpeed to GPUCurrentFanSpeed
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