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Building NuGet packages with Visual Studio and MSBuild

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NuProj provides MSBuild based support for creating NuGet packages (.nupkg).

Creating NuGet packages is as simple as:

NuGet.exe pack MyPackages.nuspec -basepath D:\source\bin

Well, except for the part where you need to integrate this into your build process.

NuProj allows defining the entire .nuspec file via a regular MSBuild project:

msbuild MyPackage.nuproj /p:BasePath=D:\source\bin

At first this might not look like a big deal but this gives you the following advantages:

  • Easy integration into existing build processes
  • No placeholder limitations -- every piece of information can be injected via the build process
  • Proper reporting of errors and warnings
  • Enables a Visual Studio Integration

Below is an example how HelloWorld.nuproj would look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project ToolsVersion="4.0"
    <Description>Hello World</Description>
    <ReleaseNotes>Hello World</ReleaseNotes>
    <Summary>Hello World</Summary>
    <Copyright>Copyright (c) Immo Landwerth</Copyright>
    <Library Include="$(BasePath)HelloWorld.dll">
    <NuProjTargetsPath Condition=" '$(NuProjTargetsPath)' == '' ">$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\NuProj\NuProj.targets</NuProjTargetsPath>
  <Import Project="$(NuProjTargetsPath)" />

Visual Studio Integration

Also, make sure to check out the Visual Studio Integration:

Visual Studio Integration


For more details, check out the documentation.

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