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Web powered cross-platform 3D, WebXR game engine.

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  • nunuStudio is an open source game engine for the web it allows designers and web developers to easily develop 3D experiences for the web.
  • Powered by three.js can run directly in the web or be exported as desktop application trough
  • Fully featured visual editor, supports a wide range of file formats, the tools are open source and completely free to use for both personal and commercial usage.
  • Visual scene editor, code editor, visual tools to edit textures, materials, particle emitters and a powerful scripting API that allows the creation of complex applications using JavaScript or Python.
  • Fully featured web version of the editor is available on the project page.
  • The web version is tested with Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, mobile browsers are supported as well.
  • API Documentation with full details about the inner working of every module are available. These can also be generated from the project source code by running npm run docs.
  • Basic tutorials are available on the project page. The basic tutorials explain step-by-step how to use the editor.
  • To build the project first install Node.js LTS and NPM:
    • The building system generates minified builds for the runtime and for the editor
    • Documentation generation uses YuiDocs
    • Install dependencies from npm by running npm install --legacy-peer-deps and additional non-npm packages using npm run napa
    • Build editor, runtime and documentation, run npm run build
  • Webpage of the project is built using Angular and is hosted on GitHub Pages



  • Visual application editor
    • Drag and drop files directly into the project (images, video, models, ...)
    • Manage project resources.
    • Edit material, textures, shaders, code, ...
  • Built on three.js library w/ physics by cannon.js
    • Real time lighting and shadow map support
    • three.js libraries can be imported into the editor
    • Wide range of file formats supported (gltf, dae, obj, fbx, 3ds, ...)
  • NW.js and Cordova exports for desktop and mobile deployment
  • Compatible with WebXR for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


The project uses Webpack to build and bundle its code base.

  • The building system generates minified builds for the runtime and for the editor
  • JavaScript is optimized and minified using Uglify
  • Documentation generation uses YuiDocs

Steps needed to build the project:

  1. To build the project first install Java, Node.js and NPM and ensure that java command is working properly.
  2. Install dependencies from npm by running npm install.

Note: If running on Node >=16 run npm install --legacy-peer-deps instead

  1. Some dependencies are not available on npm and have to be installed by running npm install napa

Note: If running on Node >=16 run npm install napa --legacy-peer-deps instead

  1. Install the dependencies for the project webpage running cd source/page && npm install
  2. Running napa npm run napa
  3. Building/running
    1. Building: to build editor, runtime and documentation, run npm run build
    2. Running: To start the editor locally for development and testing run npm run start

Embedding Application

  • Application developed with can be embedded into already existing web pages, and are compatible with frameworks like Angular or React.
  • To embed applications in HTML pages the following code can be used, the application is bootstrapped using the loadApp(file, id) method.
        <script src="nunu.min.js"></script>
    <body onload="Nunu.App.loadApp('pong.nsp', 'canvas')">
        <canvas width="800" height="480" id="canvas"></canvas>

Vue.js with Nuxtjs

  • Build nunu.min.js and place into static/js folder of your nuxt instance
  • Place canvas element into your template area where you want it, for example:
  • Add the script to your head function of the page you want the 3D integration on (or place is into your global head)
head() {
return {
      script: [
          hid: 'Nunu',
          src: 'assets/js/nunu.min.js',
          defer: true,
          callback: () => {
            Nunu.App.loadApp('assets/file.nsp', 'canvas') //add file to load in here
  • You are now able to address Nunu as usual within the app.


  • The project is distributed under a MIT license that allow for commercial usage of the platform without any cost.
  • The license is available on the project GitHub page

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