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an open source, self-hosted digital content subscription platform like `` with cryptocurrency payment

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NotOnlyFans is an open source, self-hosted digital content subscription platform like The difference, however, is that it uses cryptocurrency (ETH) for payment, so the content will no longer be judged by the payment platform and credit card companies.



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Installation requirements

First we need to prepare a server with docker and docker-compose already installed, this server IP is noted as SIP.

Clone the code and start Docker

git clone
cd not-only-fans
docker-compose up -d --build

Initialize project data

Start by looking at the running Docker container.

docker ps

Record the container ID of the image as not-only-fans_app (CID for short), and then go inside the container.

docker exec -it ${container_id} /bin/bash

Initialize the web front end

cd /app/client/ && yarn install && yarn build

Initialize the API

cd /app/api/ && composer install && mkdir /app/api/storage && chmod -R 0777 /app/api/storage

Domain pointing

This image uses different domains to point to different directories, you can point the following two domains to the server IP (i.e. SIP before) in localhost.

  1. → SIP (front-end domain)
  2. → SIP (API domain name)

Access at this point is ready for testing.


Use your own domain name

  1. Modify docker/app/vhost.conf and replace the front-end domain and API domain with your own.
  2. modify www/client/.env.production and replace the domain name in REACT_APP_API_BASE with your API domain name
  3. modify www/api/config/app.php and replace the front-end domain name in it with your front-end domain name

Use your own infura

  1. Go to to open the service, click on the project name in Dashboard and copy the Key in Settings.
  2. Note that you can select the main or test network as needed.
  3. Update www/api/config/app.php where web3_network is located.

Use your own contract

  1. modify www/api/contract/group.js and www/api/contract/deploy.js
  2. deploy via deploy.js
  3. Fill in the address of the deployed contract in www/api/config/app.php in the corresponding place

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