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A repo for the Nodle blockchain node ⛓


1 month ago

Includes a few more patches for the parachain


1 month ago

Pre release for the eden parachain crowdloan with final chain spec. Will be deployed on internal chaos relay network before release on polkadot.


1 month ago

Features compatibility with substrate's polkadot-v0.9.12 branch in order to be parachain ready.


2 months ago

This release marks the last one before an upgrade to the 0.9.12 branch. It includes two small changes:

  • modify the number of decimals from 12 to 11 in preparation for a redenomination
  • make the oracle allocation reward extrinsic free for the oracles


3 months ago

This release corrects the previous as we had forgotten to bump the runtime's spec_version.

Full Changelog:


3 months ago

This releases renames a few types in the vesting pallet to better work with our internal services.


4 months ago

Minimal release to be tested on arcadia and released on the main network later.

This introduces a new extrinsics to the grants pallet that will allow the finance committee to correct some grants that do not exactly match what was signed on the grant contracts.


6 months ago

This release is a small increment from the previous changes. It mostly includes the depreciation of some unused pallets.


7 months ago

The previous chain version had encountered a crash, which you can reproduce by following these instructions. Thanks to Parity's team, we were able to identify that the issue lies in the state of the Authorship pallet which wasn't properly cleaned by the forking script.

This forks the previous state and restarts a chain from it. It also includes a runtime migration to adjust vesting grants' unlock block numbers since we are restarting from the block 0.


7 months ago
  • this release includes numerous improvements and bug fixes
  • it fixes some of our event documentation so that our indexer and upcoming block explorer can work 😄
  • rollout should happen on the arcadia testnet first