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nodenv plugin that detects the node version based on .nvmrc.

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This is a plugin for nodenv that detects the node version based on the current tree's .nvmrc. .node-version files still take precedence.

When .nvmrc is configured with a range this plugin chooses the greatest installed version matching the range or exits with an error if none match.

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Installing with git

$ git clone $(nodenv root)/plugins/nodenv-nvmrc

Installing with Homebrew

Mac OS X users can install many nodenv plugins with Homebrew.

This is the recommended method of installation if you installed nodenv with Homebrew.

$ brew tap nodenv/nodenv
$ brew install nodenv-nvmrc


Once you've installed the plugin you can verify that it's working by cding into a project that has a .nvmrc file and does not have a .node-version file. From anywhere in the project's tree, run nodenv which node.


Due to the limitaion of nodenv's plugin system, some commands were not reading the version from .nvmrc.

  • nodenv install without version is not able to install new Node version specified in .nvmrc.
  • nodenv local without version is not able to retrieve the version specified in .nvmrc


To run tests, install bats and nodenv, then run bats test in the base directory of this plugin


This project is heavily inspired by nodenv-package-json-engine[1].

Shell semver range support provided by sh-semver.

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