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Resources links from my talk "Node.js applications diagnostics under the hood"

Project README


  1. llnode:

  2. node-report

  3. build D8

  4. D8 find memory leaks

  5. how to handle libuv in node-report:

  6. V8 GC:

  7. GC parser:

  8. Source GC Tracer V8 must read:

  9. Managing Garbage Collection:

  10. Memory leaks:

  11. Objects graph topology in Memory:

  12. Must read. Static, automatic and dynamic allocation of memory.

  13. C++ external strings:

  14. Real life troubleshooting in Node.js:

  15. Profiling strategy:

  16. Mdb:


  18. Debugging with mdb guide:

  19. Debugging in prod (Netflix) with Mdb:

  20. Debugging in prod (Netflix) video:

  21. Memory Profiling:

  22. NodeReport

  23. Post-Mortem Diagnostics & Debugging:

  24. Error handling:

  25. Handle errors centrally:

  26. Error handling example:

  27. “Debug” module:

  28. How to track down CPU issues in Node.js

  29. How to trach down CPU issues:

  30. NODE_ENV goal:

  31. Instrumentals in production. AsyncWrap and X-Transaction-Id:

  32. Getting ready you app to prod:

  33. [Read] Making The Case For Building Scalable Stateful Services In The Modern Era:

  34. AsyncWrap – AsyncHooks slides:

  35. Decofun – names anonymous function according to their context:


  37. Profiling with BCC on Linux:

  38. Monitoring and profiling with N|Solid:

  39. Lazy V8 parsing. D8 and optimize.js:

  40. Node prod best Tips:

  41. How V8 runs JavaScript:

  42. The price of logging. 0x:

  43. Google IO 2017, Turbofan and Ingnition:

  44. Profiling Node.js:

  45. The Flame charts:

  46. Node source lldb perf flame graph:

  47. Understanding V8’s Bytecode:

  48. Optimization killers:



  51. Lldb - llnode:

  52. Post-mortem & live debugging with llnode and lldb:

  53. Jbt for lldb [deprecated but interesting]

  54. Advances in core-dump debugging for Node.js:

  55. Exploring Node.js core dumps using the llnode plugin for lldb:

  56. App performance:

  57. Dtrace:

  58. Node.js community benchmarking with Michael Dawson:

  59. Uv_fs_read:

  60. Diagnostics of JAVA applications (usefull!)

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