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A crawler written by Node.js to download tumblr videos.

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A spider written to crawl tumblr resources by Node.js


GPL Licence Open Source Love Edit By zhangjh


  • node_tumblr_spider is a spider project to crawl tumblr resources
  • You can configure the torrent user or resource type such as video to crawl.The spider will crawl start from the torrent user and then crawl the user which reblogged by the torrent user and go on until all the users have been downloaded.

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1. Install

 Visit Node.js official website to install the latest node enviroment.

 It's better to install babun, a better terminal replacement of cmd on Windows system.

2. Dependence

 It uses redis as queue. So you must install redis first.

download -> tar xvf xxx.tgz -> make -> cd src && ./redis-server

3. Download Project

 zip OR git clone

4. Install dependence

    cd node_tumblr_spider
    npm install -d

5. Start to crawl

   npm run start

6. About configuration

 You can modify the configuration at ./conf/config.js.

    USER - the torrent user's name
    DOWNLOAD_PRE - the download dir prefix,default as `./download/${user}`
    REDIS_HOST - redis server's host
    REDIS_PORT - redis server's port
    LOG_MODE - if set false, the spider will not show the doawload progress info


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