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A Node.js playing card module with support for custom decks

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Node.js library for dealing with playing cards of all types

Fully extensible, you can create custom versions of any component to make different types of deck, including support for custom decks, suits, ranks, and cards.

Version 2

Version 2 has now been released. Short list of some of the notable changes:

  • Rewrite in TypeScript
  • New customizable randomization source
    • The previous options related to RNG have been removed, and a new RandomGenerator interface exists to enable providing a custom RNG implementation.
    • Built-in implementations are provided for Math.random() and the node.js crypto module's pseudoRandomBytes() as randomization sources.
  • Some thing have moved around to new locations
  • With TypeScript came a switch to using TypeDoc for documentation generation, so docs look different now
  • Now has no runtime dependencies (check the package.json)


$ npm install cards


  • Ability to create decks of cards of various configurations
    • Shuffle the deck
    • Draw cards and discard cards
  • Card types
    • Standard suits and values
      • Suits: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs
      • Values: 2 - 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace
    • Trump suit / Fool card
    • Minor Arcana
    • Major Arcana (Tarot cards)
    • Jokers
  • Deck types
    • Standard 52 card deck
    • 78 card tarot deck
    • 24 card euchre deck
    • 48 card pinochel deck
    • 32 card piquet deck
    • 40 card baraja deck
    • 22 card major arcana deck
    • Support for creating custom decks
  • Supports unicode playing card characters where available
  • TypeScript definitions provided


import { decks } from 'cards';

// Create a standard 52 card deck + 2 jokers
const deck = new decks.StandardDeck({ jokers: 2 });

// Shuffle the deck

// Draw a hand of five cards from the deck
const hand = deck.draw(5);

// Pull 2 cards out of the hand to exchange
const toExchange = hand.splice(2, 2);

// Discard those 2 cards

// Draw 2 new ones from the deck

Custom Randomization Source

import { RandomGenerator, decks } from 'cards';

// Create a new RandomGenerator implementation
class MyRNG implements RandomGenerator {
  // The `int` method should return a random integer between 0 and `max`
  int(max: number) : number {
    return (Math.random() * max) | 0;

// You can pass an instance of RNG implemenation to any `Deck` class, and
// it will be used for any randomization requiring tasks (i.e. shuffling)
const deck = new decks.StandardDeck({ rng: new MyRNG() });


  • Finish building out poker hand evaluation logic

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