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Shopping application on Android

As of now some changes are being made to the app. Work under progress

This is a pure Android application.
It has the following features.

  • Firebase based Authentication.
  • Displays the list of products as available in the Firebase database. (Check for the sample here)
  • Has a shopping cart.

Check manifest for further technical details.

The sample google-services json template is here

The APK Folder contains a sample APK, but it will not display any images next to the products because the Imageserver should be running.
The imager server is thanks to the gist


  • The images should be named with the corresponding product ID, and jpg format is preferred.
  • You need to register the application imported to Android studio with Firebase.


Feel free to add more features, like search functionality, and sorting/filtering the items, categorizing them into different categories based on the type, etc ...
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