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Python package to communicate with Switch, Wii U and 3DS servers

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Nintendo Clients

:warning: Keep in mind that Nintendo is actively banning Switch devices. This package tries to mimic the behavior of a real Switch as closely as possible, but using it is at your own risk. Make sure that you know what you are doing.

This package implements a client for various 3DS, Wii U and Switch servers. Check out the documentation for the list of servers that are currently supported.


This package requires Python 3.8 or later and can be installed with pip: pip install nintendoclients.

This package does not have a stable interface yet (it may receive backwards compatibility breaking changes at any time). If you use it in a project, it is recommended to pin a specific version.


Example scripts

  • switch/
    • Downloads a Super Mario Maker 2 level and its thumbnails, and prints information about both the level and its creator.
    • Requests the list of ninji courses and downloads a replay file.
    • Searches for an island by dodo code and prints information about it.

  • wiiu/
    • Downloads DKC Tropical Freeze rankings and the replay file of the world record.
    • Downloads Mario Kart 8 rankings and the replay file of whoever is in 500th place.
    • Requests all kinds of information about the primary mii associated with a NNID.
    • Requests your friend list, incoming and outgoing friend requests, and blacklist.

  • 3ds/
    • Changes your comment to 'Hello World'.

  • custom/
    • Shows how to create a simple game server with both an authentication server and a secure server.
    • Logs in on a game server and disconnects immediately. This can be used to test custom servers.
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