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Yubikey basic authentication for NGINX

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Nginx module to use a Yubikey for simple http authentication


yubico-c-client (you can get it at curl (use the version of your OS)


When compiling from source build as usual adding the -add-module option:

./configure --add-module=$PATH_TO_MODULE


The module has the following directives:

  • "auth_yubikey": This is the http authentication realm.

  • "auth_yubikey_client_id": This is the client id provided by Yubico.

  • "auth_yubikey_secret_key": This is the secret key provided by Yubico.

  • "auth_yubikey_file": Path to the user to key mapping file. The file contains the username and first 12 chars of your key (just press your yubikey once the module will ignore the rest). If this directive is not included every user with a valid key which is registered at the Yubico API can authenticate.

  • "auth_yubikey_ttl": Set the cache timeout is seconds for after the first login of the user. Default is set to 24 hours. If set to a low value the user needs to log-in every-time because of the replayed OTP.

You have to obtain an Yubico API key at to get this module working.


To protect everything under "/yubikey" you will add the following to the "nginx.conf" file:

location /yubikey {
	auth_yubikey "Restricted Zone";
	auth_yubikey_api_url "";
	auth_yubikey_client_id "1234";
	auth_yubikey_secret_key "1Ab+CdEfgHi/jkl2M3nOp4qrsT5=";
	auth_yubikey_file "/etc/yubikey.conf";
	auth_yubikey_ttl "43200";

In the file "/etc/yubikey.conf" put the username followed by a colon and after the colon just press your Yubikey once.


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