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This repository holds the code for my NGINX Handbook article on freeCodecamp. In the article the readers work through four demo projects meant to explain a single use case of NGINX. These projects are as follows:

  • static-demo - A demo static server.
  • node-js-demo - A demo server powered by Node.js.
  • php-demo - A demo server powered by PHP.
  • load-balancer-demo - A demo containing three Node.js powered servers acting as a cluster.


  • Familiarity with the Linux terminal and common Unix programs such as ls, cat, ps, grep, find, nproc, ulimit and nano.
  • A computer powerful enough to run a virtual machine or a $5 virtual private server.
  • Understanding of web applications and a programming language such as JavaScript or PHP.

It's fine if you haven't worked with JavaScript or PHP that much. Having a basic knowledge of executing scripts with them will suffice.

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