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#Briefly Developed for personal use after changing from chrome to firefox. Inspired by Momentum addon for Google Chrome.

Images and quotes loaned from the Momentum-addon for Chrome in addition with a few images I've handpicked from various open licence stock photo providers. At the time being this works by referencing the site from filesystem or you may host this into a local/external httpserver. I recommend to use this with Custom New Tab -addin that supports preloading the app, placing focus into URL bar and making it empty.

#Customization Basic level customization is available by modifying the user.json;

	"locale" : "en",
	"name" : "Your Name",
	"location" : "Helsinki",
	"temperatureType" : 0,
	"dateformat" : "dddd DD.MM.YYYY"
  • locale is for localizing the datetime.
  • name which to greet
  • location is the name of the city you want forecast
  • temperatureType
    • 0 : Celsius
    • 1 : Fahrenheit
  • dateformat, see moment.js docs for help

#Features/Tech Daily changing background, quote and a forecast from OpenWeatherMap, data is cached to html5 localStorage and expires daily/hourly (forecast). There is no setup so feel free to tweak around to make it suitable for your needs. The "app" is powered by AngularJs, RequireJs and moment.js (datetime localization). If you get tired of a background you can double click it to get a new one.

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