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User interface for displaying a river of news generated by Dave Winer's River2 software.

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NewsRiver UI


This is a client-side, river of news UI that consumes a JSONP file generated using Dave Winer's River2 software.



v.0.5.0 : 9 March 2011


  • Automatically checks for updates to the feed.
  • Added a favicon and apple-touch-icon.
  • Added _json-example.js; only used for localhost debugging.
  • Switched to Google CDN jQuery (with local fallback).
  • Switched to local jQuery Templates plugin.


  • Removed HTML5 elements and shim; IE cannot style HTML5 elements generated from the jQuery templates.
  • Added X-UA-Compatible to force latest IE rendering engine and enable Chrome Frame.
  • Changed meta viewport to width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0.
  • Default JSON url, JSON callback, and social sharing settings can be overriden in River.settings in the document head.
  • Added ARIA landmark roles.
  • Default text now indicates that JavaScript is required.
  • Added RSS image to footer.
  • Updated footer's fine-print.
jQuery template
  • Stream item titles are now hyperlinks only if there is an item.permalink or
  • Each stream item's id is added to its container element. Used to check if new items exist in the stream.
  • Conditional display of Twitter and Facebook sharing links.
  • All stream items are contained within <div id="stream-items">.
  • Notification of updates to the feed are shown in <div id="stream-notice">.


  • Removed individual article borders to reduce visual clutter.
  • Added a marker to indicate which item was previously the most recent, prior to stream update. Only visible in expanded view.


  • Complete rewrite of the scripts (including use of namespacing).
  • Loading message only present if JavaScript is enabled.
  • Regular checks for updates to the JSON feed.
  • Displays the number of new items available.
  • Repopulates the stream when the notice is clicked.
  • Changed the way the datetime format used on blocks of updates. Time comes last, no longer displays seconds.



MIT/GPL license

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