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We present a novel neural surface reconstruction method, called NeuS (pronunciation: /nuːz/, same as "news"), for reconstructing objects and scenes with high fidelity from 2D image inputs.

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This is the official repo for the implementation of NeuS: Learning Neural Implicit Surfaces by Volume Rendering for Multi-view Reconstruction.


Data Convention

The data is organized as follows:

|-- cameras_xxx.npz    # camera parameters
|-- image
    |-- 000.png        # target image for each view
    |-- 001.png
|-- mask
    |-- 000.png        # target mask each view (For unmasked setting, set all pixels as 255)
    |-- 001.png

Here the cameras_xxx.npz follows the data format in IDR, where world_mat_xx denotes the world to image projection matrix, and scale_mat_xx denotes the normalization matrix.


Clone this repository

git clone
cd NeuS
pip install -r requirements.txt
Dependencies (click to expand)
  • torch==1.8.0
  • opencv_python==
  • trimesh==3.9.8
  • numpy==1.19.2
  • pyhocon==0.3.57
  • icecream==2.1.0
  • tqdm==4.50.2
  • scipy==1.7.0
  • PyMCubes==0.1.2


  • Training without mask
python --mode train --conf ./confs/womask.conf --case <case_name>
  • Training with mask
python --mode train --conf ./confs/wmask.conf --case <case_name>
  • Extract surface from trained model
python --mode validate_mesh --conf <config_file> --case <case_name> --is_continue # use latest checkpoint

The corresponding mesh can be found in exp/<case_name>/<exp_name>/meshes/<iter_steps>.ply.

  • View interpolation
python --mode interpolate_<img_idx_0>_<img_idx_1> --conf <config_file> --case <case_name> --is_continue # use latest checkpoint

The corresponding image set of view interpolation can be found in exp/<case_name>/<exp_name>/render/.

Train NeuS with your custom data

More information can be found in preprocess_custom_data.


Cite as below if you find this repository is helpful to your project:

  title={NeuS: Learning Neural Implicit Surfaces by Volume Rendering for Multi-view Reconstruction},
  author={Wang, Peng and Liu, Lingjie and Liu, Yuan and Theobalt, Christian and Komura, Taku and Wang, Wenping},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.10689},


Some code snippets are borrowed from IDR and NeRF-pytorch. Thanks for these great projects.

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