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=========================================================== Netzob : Protocol Reverse Engineering, Modeling and Fuzzing

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Welcome to the official repository of Netzob.

Netzob is a tool that can be used to reverse engineer, model and fuzz communication protocols. It is made of two components:

  • netzob a python project that exposes all the features of netzob (except GUI) you can import in your own tool or use in CLI,
  • netzob_web a graphical interface that leverages web technologies.

Source codes, documentations and resources are available for each component, please visit their dedicated directories.

General Information

:Email: [email protected] <[email protected]>_ :Mailing list: Two lists are available, use the SYMPA web interface <>_ to register. :IRC: You can hang-out with us on Freenode's IRC channel #netzob @ :Twitter: Follow Netzob's official accounts (@Netzob)

Helpfull Resources

Backup of

Detailed Netzob Documentation

Examples usages of Netzob Library

Authors, Contributors and Sponsors

See the top distribution file AUTHORS.txt in each component for the detailed and updated list of their authors, contributors and sponsors.


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Zoby, the official mascot of Netzob.

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