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Neto | A tool to analyse browser extensions


4 years ago

Several issues addressed:

  • Add more suspicious categories to detect pattern recognition code, external connections and possible payments.
  • Add suspicious strings to standard output
  • Beautify outputs when the program is unable to process an extension because of incorrect extensions
  • Fix an error in the storage of the data extracted from entities


5 years ago

0.6.1, 2018/05/28 -- Add user-defined plugins

  • Add user-defined wrappers including a for doing it.
  • Fix an error that occurred when Virustotal API was not provided.


5 years ago

0.6.0, 2018/05/21 -- Neto Console release and improvements in configuration management

  • Add neto console as an interactive way of dealing with Neto.
  • Add some text to the terminal to show some of the data extracted from the extension. All the data is still reachable in the generated JSON file, but the most important features are now printed in the terminal.
  • Refactor of the extension plugins: they now can be written to analyse either unzipped extensions or the zipped files.
  • Add Virustotal assesment
  • Add a locally stored configuration folder for different OS
  • Add to .gitignore output folder