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Nest Django formsets for multi-level editing.

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====================== Django Nested Formsets

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Formsets_ are a Django abstraction that make it easier to manage multiple instances of a single Form_ on a page. In 2009 I wrote a blog post_ about using nesting formsets using Django 1.1. This is a generic implementation of the technique described there, targeting Django 1.11. A follow-up blog post_ provides additional context.


You can install Django Nested Formsets using your favorite package management tool. For example::

$ pip install django-nested-formset

You can also install the latest development version::

$ pip install git+

After installing the package, you can use the nestedformset_factory function to create your formset class.


If you'd like to work on the source, I suggest cloning the repository and creating a virtualenv.


$ cd nested-formset $ virtualenv . $ source bin/activate $ python develop

The last line will install the installation and test dependencies.

To run the unit test suite, run the following::

$ python test

See Also

  • Django Formset documentation_
  • jquery.django-formset_ Dynamic creation of formsets from the empty formset.


This package is released under a BSD style license. See LICENSE for details.

.. _Formsets: .. Django Formset documentation: Formsets .. _Form: .. _blog post: .. _follow-up blog post: .. _jquery.django-formset:

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