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This repository has been archived and is no longer maintained. You may be looking for Neon.


Neume Editor ONline.

Neon.js is a browser-based music notation editor written in JavaScript. The editor can be used to manipulate digitally encoded early musical scores in square-note notation.

You can see a demo of Neon.js in action here.


  • tornado: pip install tornado
  • python bindings of the solesmesbuild branch of libmei available here.
    • Note: this requires the boost-python library. Installation instruction can be found here.


  1. First, create a copy of the configuration file:
  1. Edit the configuration file and set MEI_DIRECTORY somewhere writable. Create 3 subdirectories in the MEI_DIRECTORY, undo, backup, and squarenote. Backup will store the original state of uploaded MEI files, which can be reverted to using the editor interface. Undo is for the undo feature. Squarenote is for storing the mei files of specific types.

  2. Now compile the Neon.js code. Yes, compiling JavaScript. Weird, right?

make dist

This script downloads the latest google closure compiler and uses it to minify the Neon.js source code into the proper location.

  1. Now, start up the server:
python [port]

If no port is provided, the default port is 8080.

Visit the Neon.js web application at http://localhost:[port].


Make sure to checkout the built-in tutorial to familiarize yourself with Neon.js, which can be accessed from the homepage.

For more detailed information on all our functionality, please check our wiki pages at


Documentation is provided by jsdoc-toolkit

Build docs with (java required):

make doc


  1. Client testing
    We're using Qunit for unit testing. Load test/neontest.html in a browser to run them.

  2. Server testing
    To run server tests, install python-nose and run nosetests


Neon.js is distributed under the MIT license.

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