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The Android Native Development Kit

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Android Native Development Kit (NDK)

The NDK allows Android application developers to include native code in their Android application packages, compiled as JNI shared libraries.

For what we're working on, see the milestones.

For further into the future, see the NDK Roadmap.

The source for the NDK is maintained in AOSP. See https://android.googlesource.com/platform/ndk/+/master/README.md.


This section lists any in-progress features with open discussion bugs. We're still working on these and want to hear from you, so please read the thread and join the discussion if you have anything to add!

  • None right now :)

NDK documentation

Tutorial and API reference documentation is available on the Android Developer website:

C library ("bionic") and dynamic linker documentation

The documentation for Android's C library ("bionic") may be useful:

Understanding crashes/tombstones

The documentation for Android OS developers has:

Other resources

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