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A common C API for communicating with NDI Polaris and Aurora devices

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  • Program: NDI Combined API C Interface Library
  • Creator: David Gobbi
  • Language: English
  • Authors:
  • Version: 1.4
    • Date: 2005/07/01
  • Version: 1.5
    • Date: 2015/05/30
  • Version: 1.6
    • Date: 2016/03/08


This package provides a portable C library that provides a straightforward interface to AURORA, POLARIS, and VEGA systems manufactured by Northern Digital Inc. This library is provided by the Plus library, and is not supported by Northern Digital Inc.

The contents of this package have been built successfully under a wide range of compilers. It is a CMake project and can be configured and built as such.


To build, configure first using CMake, then build according to your chosen generator.


To build the Python extension module of this library:

  1. Build and install the C++ library first.
  2. Then build and install the Python extension: pip install . (assuming the command is called in your repo clone directory)

You can test your installation by running python -c 'import ndicapy'


The main contents of this package are as follows:

  1. A C library (libndicapi.a, ndicapi.lib/dll) that provides a set of C functions for communicating with an NDI device via the NDI Combined API. The documentation for this library is provided in the ndicapi_html directory.

  2. Two C++ header files (ndicapi.h and ndicapi_math.h) that provide and interface, via libndicapi.a, to an NDI device via the NDICAPI Serial Communications API that predated the Combined API. Documentation is provided in the polaris_html directory.

  3. A python interface to the ndicapi library. However, only the original POLARIS API is supported through python. The full ndicapi interface is not yet supported.

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