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Analysis of 2019-nCov coronavirus data

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2019-nCov noval coronavirus Data analysis in Python

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Data Sources

Chinese Data:

International Data:


  • Pandas
  • If you need interactive analysis, and you cannot access Google Colab, then you need to install Python Notebook first.


  • coronavirus_demo_colab.ipynb: A demo on Google Colab, showing how to extract / aggregate / slice data, and basic time series / cross-sectional plotting
  • demo.ipynb: Similar demo in a traditional Python Notebook, Chinese version
  • demo.en.ipynb: Similar demo in a traditional Python Notebook, English version
  • demo.html, demo.pdf: For those who doon't have Python Notebook, these two files serve as demo.ipynb for demonstration purpose (both are in Chinese)
  • death_rate.ipynb: An example analysis of the heterogeneity of death rate across different regions
  • Utility functions

Some Examples:

data = utils.load_chinese_data()  # obtain CSV real time data
daily_frm = utils.aggDaily(data)  # aggregate to daily data
utils.tsplot_conf_dead_cured(daily_frm)  # Time Series plot of the Confirmed, dead, cured count of the whole country

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