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A simple time tracker for Mac OS X

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A simple time tracker for Mac OS X by Nat Friedman ([email protected]).

Written May 6, 2010 in Munich, while a soft rain fell.

Run this script in a terminal. It displays activity statistics

from the last 24 hours, like this:

1h 8m57s 70% Google Chrome

14m17s 14% Mail

8m11s 8% iChat

3m16s 3% Colloquy

1m28s 1% 1Password

43s 0% Terminal

12s 0% TextMate

4s 0% Finder

4s 0% SecurityAgent

1h37m12s Sitting at the computer

3h37m16s Doing something else

5h14m28s Total

It detects idle time based on the screensaver, so lower your

screensaver delay or use a hot corner to improve accuracy.

It doesn't save the data, so if you kill the script it loses the


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