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NamecoinToBind is a php script that generates bind zones for .bit domains from the namecoin blockchain by using the name_scan rpc command.

Project README

NamecoinToBind 3.0.5

This version has a first support of the new spec (old spec is still supported for a while) :

Dependencies :

  • idn (php5-idn crash with some domain names, so the idn binary is used)
  • php5-cli
  • a running namecoin

Install :

apt-get install idn php5-cli

  • Bind configuration : Copy the file etc/bind/named.conf.bit to /etc/bind/ Edit the file /etc/bind/named.conf.options and add :
  • at the bottom of the file : // .bit zone include "/etc/bind/named.conf.bit";
  • Create the following folder :
  • /etc/bind/dotbit/ chown www-data -R /etc/bind/dotbit/
  • NamecoinToBind configuration : (replace <NamecoinToBind> with the folder you extracted NamecoinToBind files) Copy the file <NamecoinToBind>/etc/cron.d/namecoinToBind to /etc/cron.d/ Edit the file /etc/cron.d/namecoinToBind and replace the NamecoinToBind path with yours Copy the file <NamecoinToBind>/config.php.dist to <NamecoinToBind>/config.php Edit the file <NamecoinToBind>/config.php to change :
  • the namecoin user/pass/ip
  • the hostname and ip of your server (hostname can be "ns.your-domain.bit" if you want)
  • Create the following folders :
  • <NamecoinToBind>/cache
  • <NamecoinToBind>/stat

Launch : ./ & Add it at startup (in /etc/rc.local before line 'exit 0' on debian) :

update .bit domains

su -c '/<NamecoinToBind>/ > /dev/null &'


  • Support the following records :
  • loc
  • service
  • delegate
  • import
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