Multiple Select Versions Save

A jQuery plugin to select multiple elements with checkboxes :)


3 years ago
  • Update: Fixed virtual scroll bottom select bug.
  • Update: Fixed element not destroyed bug using v-if.


3 years ago
  • New: Added watch slot change supported.
  • Update: Fixed v-model not check all bug.
  • Update: Fixed document event trigger multiple times bug.


3 years ago
  • New: Rewrote display and data logic code.
  • New: Added single or multiple can be auto supported.
  • New: Added virtual scroll to support large data.
  • New: Added object value supported.
  • New: Added object for v-model supported.
  • New: Added data attributes of optgroup and option supported.
  • New: Added tabindex attribute supported.
  • New: Added showClear option and onClear event.
  • New: Added maxHeightUnit option.
  • New: Added it-IT locale.
  • Update: Improved events trigger logic.
  • Update: Updated the single group style.
  • Update: Updated parameters of onOptgroupClick and onClick events.
  • Update: Fixed vue warning when data is Object.
  • Update: Removed displayHtml option and display html by default.


3 years ago
  • New: Added object support for data option.
  • Update: Updated vue-es build filename.
  • Update: Updated event name to lowercase hyphen format of vue component.
  • Update: Fixed defaultValue error without v-model.
  • Update: Fixed uncheck all cannot trigger change bug.
  • Update: Fixed v-model not work bug when props changed.
  • Update: Fixed min version throw cannot convert object to primitive value error.
  • Update: Removed label spaces of customFilter params.
  • Update: Removed text spaces of the option label.


3 years ago
  • New: Added displayHtml option.
  • New: Added html type of getSelects method.
  • New: Added level support for single group.
  • New: Added filterByDataLength option.
  • New: Added customFilter option support.
  • New: Added optgroup styler support and updated parameter.
  • New: Added check and uncheck methods.
  • New: Added checkInvert method.
  • New: Added es-ES locale.
  • New: Added data-* attributes support.
  • New: Added disabled prop of vue component.
  • New: Added Number support for v-model of vue component.
  • Update: Improved default width of select.
  • Update: Improved single select style and label bug.
  • Update: Improved v-model and data of vue component.
  • Update: Fixed init cannot select all bug.
  • Update: Fixed refresh method bug.
  • Update: Fixed filterAcceptOnEnter bug with single option.
  • Update: Removed multiple-select png.
  • Update: Disabled esc action when keepOpen is true.


3 years ago
  • New: Added string/number array support for data option.
  • New: Added required attribute support.
  • New: Added bootstrap(v3, v4) themes support.
  • Update: Improved onAfterCreate event.
  • Update: Fixed destroyed bug of vue component.
  • Update: Fixed display bug of only one member of group.
  • Update: Fixed single group filter bug.


3 years ago
  • New: Added data support.
  • New: Added vue component.
  • New: Added locale support.
  • New: Added getOptions method.
  • New: Added singleRadio option to support hide radio buttons.
  • New: Added new website.
  • New: Added bower.json.
  • New: Added vue-starter example.
  • Update: Improved the label element for select.
  • Update: Improved text display only one option.
  • Update: Fixed IE build error with core-js devDependencies.
  • Update: Fixed onCheckAll/onUncheckAll trigger bug.
  • Update: Fixed disabled options cannot show after filtering.
  • Update: Fixed single filter bug.