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Disassembly, reverse engineering, and possible enhancement of the MSX game cartridge "Pyramid Warp (1983)"

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Disassembly, reverse engineering, and possible enhancement of the MSX game cartridge "Pyramid Warp (1983)"


  • PyramidWarp.annotated.asm:

    • The annotated disassembly of Pyramid Warp (1983).
    • Assembles to the original ROM, verbatim.
  • PyramidWarp.enhanced.asm:

    • The original source code, once disassembled, was easy to understand and easy to improve because it used no compression, did no clever tricks, and underused some resources (e.g.: the game looked like SCREEN 1 despite being SCREEN2 already).
    • This is a patcheable version of the original source code that allows several of those enhancements.
    • This version keeps most of the original source code untouched and, actually, a pixel-perfect clone of the original game can be assembled from this!
  • PyramidWarp.enhanced+.asm:

    • This version break ties with the original source code wherever necessary to accomodate not-so-easy-to-fit enhancements (such as a proper music replayer or a sprite flickering routine)


Original enhancements by theNestruo

  • Moved RAM start from $C000 to $E000 (RAM requirement is now 8KB)
  • Unused data removed. Data realigned to simplify routines and to free space (+512 bytes freed)
  • Disabled keyboard click sound
  • Player starts looking down instead of up (simply because it looks better)
  • Numbers in scoreboard aligned right to improve readability
  • Patcheable colors (symbolic constants in assembly code)
  • Patcheable graphics (external binaries for font, charset and sprites)
  • Patcheable room definitions (external assembly code)
  • 5th and 6th enemy slots can be enabled

Additional enhancements by Nenefranz

  • Completely new graphic set
  • Enemies can look in 4 directions
  • Enemies sprites can be replaced by player sprites
  • A floor tile can be used instead of transparent character
  • Numbers in scoreboard in a different color (to improve readability)
  • Fixes the first draw of the playground

Additional enhancements

  • Sprite flickering routine
  • Proper title charset
  • Proper music and sounds! (by Bitcaffe)
  • More randomness! Rooms can be mirrored and flipped
  • More room definitions! (room editor by Nenefranz)
  • Difficulty option! Choose between: easier (3 enemies), original (4 enemies), enhanced (progressive and adaptative number of enemies), and harder (6 enemies).


Original game

  • Pyramid Warp © 1983 by T&E SOFT

Enhanced versions

Enhanced versions by Bitcaffe (music), Nenefranz (code & graphics), and theNestruo (code)

  • Pyramid Warp Enhanced/Enhanced+ code © 2021 by Nenefranz & theNestruo is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

  • Pyramid Warp Enhanced/Enhanced+ graphics © 2021 by Nenefranz is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

  • Pyramid Warp Enhanced+ music © 2021 by Bitcaffe is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

  • Pyramid Warp EX map editor © 2021 by Nenefranz is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

External libraries

External tools

  • PCXTOOLS v2.2 coded by theNestruo
  • tniASM v0.45 is written by Patriek Lesparre, © 2000-2013 by The New Image
  • Tiled © 2008-2020 Thorbjørn Lindeijer
  • ZX0 by Einar Saukas
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