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Powerful command-line control for UNIX and Linux powered Minecraft servers

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Minecraft Server Control Script (MSCS) is a server-management script for UNIX and Linux powered Minecraft servers.

Features include:

  • Run multiple Minecraft worlds.
  • Start, stop, and restart single or multiple worlds.
  • Create, delete, disable, and enable worlds.
  • Includes support for additional server types: Forge, BungeeCord, SpigotMC, etc.
  • Users automatically notified of important server events.
  • LSB and systemd compatible init script, allows for seamless integration with your server's startup and shutdown sequences.
  • Map worlds using the Minecraft Overviewer mapping software.
  • Automatically backup worlds, remove backups older than X days, and restart worlds.
  • Update the server and client software automatically.
  • Send commands to a world server from the command line.


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Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios. MSCS and MSC-GUI are designed to ease the use of the Mojang produced Minecraft server software on Linux and UNIX servers. MSCS and MSC-GUI are independently developed by open software enthusiasts with no support or implied warranty provided by either Mojang or Microsoft.

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