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An example of a movie theater app written with Ionic 2 using real api of the Ukrainian movie theater chain

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:warning: The app cannot be run anymore due to API changes. There is no plans to work on this project more.

Movie theater application

This app was made just to see Ionic 2 in action with real page flows and real data api (and ngrx/store).


App gets data from a real Ukrainian Movie Theater website. There is no server code in this repository.

Know issues

  • Seats svg map doesn't support pinch-to-zoom
  • No real payment system integration
  • UI looks kinda ugly on big resolutions (tested only with iPhone 6 and default ionic --serve simulation)
  • A lot of scss duplication (didn't want to spend more time on styling that I've already spent)
  • Could be some issues running on an actual Android device (don't have one, so can't test it property)
  • No unit tests in the project (yeah, was planning on adding some, but...)

Note: These issues probably not gonna be fixed. It's just a fun-demo project, so don't expect any updates to it.

Getting Started

  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Install the Ionic CLI and Cordova (npm install -g ionic cordova)
  • Run npm install from the project root.
  • Install Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: * Chrome extension

    it will fix cross-origin issue when calling real website api from the localhost. App works just fine when run on an actual device.

  • Run ionic serve --lab in a terminal from the project root.
  • Profit

Preview app without compiling from source code (Ionic View)

  • Download Ionic View app from
  • Log in into the app
  • At the top left corner press an 'eye' icon and enter 216AD03E app code.



Why not React Native?

At first, I wanted to write this movieapp with React Native. For one week I was researching it, but eventually, I realized that it is very complicated for a POC-like project. And to support multiple platforms it requires much more work.

Why not NativeScript?

NativeScript I skipped, I think, because it is brand new. But probably, porting this codebase to NativeScript would be very easy, in best case scenario

Why Ionic?

For me, it was a winner in every category. The team is working hard on the framework. They even got some investments. It is an actual business and not an another open-source project which might be abandoned in a year. And the biggest win is that development tools are awesome.

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