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A web frontend for the motion daemon.

Project README

motionEye is a web-based frontend for motion <>. Check out the wiki <> for more details. Changelog is available on the releases page <>_.

Due to personal reasons Calin Crisan <>_ can no longer be actively involved with this project. It has been transferred to the new motioneye-project <>_ GitHub organization with a new developer team <>. Please check out the dev <> branch for current development, which includes:

  • Migration to Python 3
  • Internationalization
  • Migration to setuptools
  • Many more bug fixes and enhancements

The original code is maintained in the python2 branch <>_ and bug fixes may be backported if there is still a need for a Python 2 compatible version of motionEye.

If you want to be involved, please leave a comment here:

Any contribution is highly appreciated, also have a look at open pull requests <>_ and issues <>_ if you are looking for a way to help.

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