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Moonshot Bot - Crypto Sniper

Simple yet fast and efficient sniper-bot running on the SOL blockchain.

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A fast and efficient bot written in NodeJS to automatically buy and sell tokens on Moonshot as soon as liquidity is added and trade is enabled.

The bot is extremely fast if you use a good node and not a public one. With a node from Quicknode you can expect a buy/sell transaction in less than 5 seconds.

The bot uploaded on github is the lite version of the real bot. You do not get all of the features from the premium version.


Current features supported by the FREE version:

  • Buying (Moonmshot pairs only)
  • Gas estimation system
  • Regular liquidity sniper

Additional features supported by the premium version:

  • Buying (ALL pairs)
  • Blockchain support.
  • Bytecode checker / blocker.
  • MethodID waiter.
  • Multi-buy mode (all transactions are in the same block).
  • Tax checker (all pairs are supported)
  • Raydium Support.
  • Sell using a delay
  • Sell using the space key
  • Auto / manual selling
  • Mempool sniping mode.
  • Block-offset system
  • Auto updates (updates are done automatically without the need of a re-download)
  • Trailing auto-sell.
  • Support

Supported on

  • Solana
  • Pumpfun
  • Moonshot

Supported tokens

The bot currently supports any token.

Getting Started


  • Windows
  • A decent internet connection.
  • A decent node, preferably paid, but you may also use free ones.
  • A crypto wallet with a private key. (it is recommended to create a new wallet to use with this bot)


  1. Download and install from here.
  2. That's it! Time for configuration. 🎉


; This is your SOL wallet's private key.



; This variable is the amount of crypto you wish to use with the input contract.
; If for example you use SOL as input, you will have to use SOL's format.



To launch the bot double click it

Premium parameters

Parameter Description Accepts
--buy-only Enables manual buy mode. This will only buy the token and then exit. -
--sell-only Enables manual sell mode. This will only sell the token and then exit. -
--input Overwrites the input parameter in the config. contract address
--output Overwrites the output parameter in the config. contract address
--config Used to specify a different config path (used for multi configs setup). string
--force-approve Forces the approve transaction for the input/output. (used for debugging) -
--simulate Simulate your current config as a real transaction. -
Parameter Description Accepts
--wrapped Uses the wrapped version of the bnb/eth token. (available for all blockchains) -
--block-offset Waits an amount of blocks before sending out the buy transaction. number
--spam Sends an x amount of transactions at the same time. (spam buy) number
--amount_in Used to specify the amount you wish to spend with your INPUT token. number
--amount_out Used to specify the amount you wish to buy from your OUTPUT token. number
--min_liq Used to specify the minimum liquidity before the bot starts to buy. number
Parameter Description Accepts
--verify-tax Checks wether the taxes for buying / selling does not exceed the limits configured. -
--max-buy-tax Sets the max allowed buy tax. number
--max-sell-tax Sets the max allowed sell tax. number
Parameter Description Accepts
--gas-price Sets the gas price. number
--gas-limit Sets the gas limit. number
Parameter Description Accepts
--buy-slippage Sets the buy slippage. number
--sell-slippage Sets the sell slippage. number
Parameter Description Accepts
--sell-with-multiplier Enables the sell with multiplier autosell mode. -
--sell-multiplier Sets the multiplier to sell at for the sell with multiplier mode. number
--sell-with-delay Enables the sell with delay autosell mode. -
--sell-delay Sets the delay to sell with for the sell with delay mode. number
--sell-on-loss Enables the sell on loss autosell mode. -
--sl-minimum-multiplier Sets the minimum multiplier for the sell on loss mode to start. number
--sl-percentage Sets the percentage of the maximum impact on your multiplier. number

Go Premium

You can see all of the features here.
If you wish to purchase the premium version of the bot, please contact using telegram.

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