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Montric is currently under heavy reconstruction, as the EurekaJ codebase is updated in order to become Montric 1.0. The Server side is migrating from Jetty to Netty, while the frontend is migrating away from SproutCore towards Ember.js. Release 1.0 will be an exciting release of Montric and will include a number of new features that will make Montric a lot more useable and approachable moving forward.

Haagen Software will also be hosting a live version of Montric, offered in a Software as a Service manner to make it easier for you to get going if you don't want to operate your own installation of Montric.

Montric have a pluggable backend, and Version 1.0 will include both the Berkeley DB JE plugin that it has always had, as well as a plugin that supports the Cassandra data storage.

Version 1.5 will introduce the concepts of accounts, so that you can use a single installation of Montric to monitor multiple systems that you don't want to share data between. All users will be authenticated via Mozilla Persona.

##Screenshots Below you will find a few screenshots of what the current 1.5 development version looks like.

###Viewing Statistics ![Viewing Statistics] (

###Configuring Charts ![Configuring Charts] (

###Account Administration ![Administrering your account] (

###Disabling lines inside the charts ![Disabling lines inside the charts] (


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