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Monoset - Free Drupal 8 theme

Uses Node.js, Gulp, BrowserSync for Sass compiling, task running and Browser Syncing.




  • Node.js
  • Gulp.js - Install gulp globally with $ npm install gulp -g


  • Install Gulp ($ npm install gulp -g)
  • CD into the theme directory and run $ npm install to fetch all dependencies.
  • For BrowserSync update proxy server in gulpfile.js to match your local environment.
  • CD into the theme directory and run “gulp” to start gulp watching, compiling and Browser Syncing.

Styleguide (Optional / Experimental)

  • Living styleguide is automaticaly generatted and can be viewed on port: 3010 (http://localhost:3010). Port can be changed in the gulp.js
  • Styleguide files are generated on running default "gulp" command inside the theme's "styleguide" directory.

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