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This repository implements MocoSFL, a collaborative SSL framework based on Split Federated Learning (SFL). In MocoSFL, the large backbone model is split into a small client-side model and a large server-side model, and only the small client-side model is processed locally on the client's local devices. Together with a smaller batch size enabled by MoCo and SFL's vector concatenation, the FLOPs and memory requirements are reduced by orders of magnitude. Moreover, MocoSFL naturally supports a shared feature memory to enable feature sharing, which provides abundant hard negative keys regardless of the quality and volume of local data. MocoSFL also achieves much better non-IID performance by using a small client-side model and increasing synchronization frequency. On CIFAR-10 with a 2-class-per-client non-IID distribution, we can achieve over ~84% linear probe accuracy with ResNet-18 and 1,000 clients joining simultaneously. The proposed scheme only costs <5MB of memory and <10MB of communication, measured on a Rasiberry Pi 4 device that consumes power less than 5W.

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If you plan to use our code in your research, please cite us using:

      title={MocoSFL: enabling cross-client collaborative self-supervised learning}, 
      author={Jingtao Li and Lingjuan Lyu and Daisuke Iso and Chaitali Chakrabarti and Michael Spranger},

Getting Started


Python > 3.7 with Pytorch, Torchvision

Quick Example

Sample Experiment - Table 3:

bash scripts/table3/

Hardware Demo:

On Raspberry Pi (configure IP in demo/

cd demo

On PC (configure IP in demo/

cd demo

Project Structure

/ -- Source files for MocoSFL

/ -- Source files for MocoSFL with Target ResSFL module

/expert_target_aware -- Pretrained taressfl checkpoin

/scripts -- Evaluation scripts used on a single-GPU machine

/demo -- Demo scripts for embedded devices


If you have any questions regarding the code, please feel free to contact Jingtao Li ([email protected]) or Lingjuan Lyu ([email protected]).

Copyright 2023, Sony AI, Sony Corporation of America, All rights reserved.
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